A Rugged Smartphone or Tablet you can depend on in the toughest of situations

In today’s market, most consumers possess your typical “stylish”, commercial mobile device, that’s rather fragile and can ill afford to be mishandled in any way. We can all relate to that shock moment when we have accidentally dropped our phone on the ground – or worse yet, in water!

This is where the rugged mobile device being a cell phone or tablet, comes to the fore. Fitted with a durable (albeit bulkier) outer casing, the device can conveniently withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Rugged cell phones and tablets must meet stringent performance specifications and go through extensive rough handling testing such as a drop test, dust test and waterproof testing. Certified to the highest international IP68/IP69 ratings and Military standard gradings, means you can be rest assured that these hardy shock-resistant, dust resistant, water-resistant cell phones are the most durable option to allocate to employees, especially those working in harsh industrial environments, such as the mining and construction, engineering, security, logistics, and farming industries.

Rugged phones are designed to withstand challenging working environments whether indoors or outdoors and are equipped with the latest Android Quad Core processors, excellent quality camera systems as well as extended battery power capacity, to ensure reliability and good performance experience.

Best of all, these fit-for-purpose features offer great value and come at no additional cost in comparison with your traditional consumer styled phones. This should bring joy to the ears of Managers and Staff who require their cell phones and tablets as “tools of trade” in the workplace.

In summary, multifunctional, rugged smartphones and tablets provide a lower operating cost to businesses, reduce unnecessary downtime and contribute to improved communication and productivity in the workplace.

Mobidel is an authorized reseller of Rugged SA smartphones and tablets.